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Vancouver Spotlight

I’m impressed by talent and art every day of my life. I’m extra lucky to live in a city where if you throw something you will hit 10 someones who are great artists.  But it’s not everyday you find someone as talented and as amazing as the people I am about to discuss.

There is a make up artist in this city whose work has impressed me so much, I find myself spending hours studying it. I’ve sung my praises to the world and of course talked to her about working together several times (it will happen if I ever get my schedule in order *Crosses Fingers*) Dina Koop is the  make up artist I am raving about, her passion for her work shines out of every face she touches and every photoshoot she does.

What is a great make up artist without a talented photographer to collaborate with and showcase the work?  I’m glad that photographers like this exist in the world.  Ryan Doco Connors has shot  everyone from experienced models to people in the villages of Japan to the girl next door in his very own backyard, and made every one of them look extraordinary and beautiful.  His work can be anything from soft and mysterious to striking, dark and filled with emotion.

Last but certainly not least Kelsey Harker.  How can I begin to describe Kelsey? Modeling is more than being extraordinarily beautiful (which she most definitely is) it’s about knowing how to move, knowing how your body looks best, knowing what facial expressions and what lighting will convey certain moods. Kelsey is nothing short of a living work of art.

But what happens when all three of these talented people get together?  Apart from me being super thankful?

Check it out for yourself!

* To check out each of the above individually Click Their Names*

MUA Discounts

BeneFit Cosmetics – – 415-781-8153, call for info on how to sign up

Bobbi Brown – – 877-310-9222, call for info on how to sign up, 40% discount

Camera Ready Cosmetics – – Reasonable prices, offers free shipping to pro’s with a purchase of $40 or more and an editorial program.

Cinema Secrets – 818-846-0579, call for info on how to sign up, 10% discount

Di Kennedy – … ogram.html – Professional discount, no membership fee, submit proof of current profession (comp card, website, certification, etc.) via email, 30% discount on professional line on website.

Face Atelier – – Preferred Pro Program, no membership fee, apply online, 40% discount

Laura Mercier – – Professional Makeup Artist Program, no membership fee, 40% discount

Lorac – – 40% discount

MAC – – MAC Pro Membership, $35 annual membership fee, 20-40% discount depending on field of work, special invites to pro events & classes

Make Up For Ever – – Industrial Discount Card, Contact NY Boutique to e-mail application @ 212-941-9337, no membership fee, 20% – 35% discount

Nars – … amp;#faq9, email for application & details on how to apply, no membership fee, 40% discount, excludes candles, also opportunity to get credit gratis if mention Nars usage in publications.

Nixie – – Pro Card Membership, no membership fee, 40% discount, opportunity to get commission from referred sales (30%), welcome gratis – 6 pan refillable eyeshadow palette w/6 eyeshadows (limited time only)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – – Professional discount,
MUA’s, Models and Photographers qualify.  Send email to with name, shipping address and telephone number along with link to website, agency website, or online portfolio (including ModelMayhem!), or attach scan of comp card or tear sheet. 20% off all OCC cosmetics products except airbrush equipment, or already-discounted items such as airbrush makeup sets.

Paula Dorf – – 888-472-8523, call for info on how to sign up, 40% discount

Philosophy – … ab=std_alp – Coloring Club, no membership fee, 25% discount off skincare & color cosmetics only, plus welcome gratis

Smashbox – – 888-763-1361, call for info on how to sign up, 35% discount

Stila – – 866-415-1332, call for info on how to sign up, 40% discount (but you must go to the store)

Sue Devitt Studio – email:, re: MUA/Pro Discount, 888-870-1150, 40% discount

Temptu – – Professional Discount, Contact NY store to email application & requirements @ 212-675-4000, no membership fee, 10% discount on training, equipment & package deals, & 20% discount on all makeup, body art products & stencils

Three Custom Colors – email:, re: Professional Discount Program, 30% discount

Trucco (Sebastian) –, 800-935-5273, 50% discount (only in the store)

Urban Decay –, Makeup Artist Program, Contact:  Rachael Rosenthal – Director of Customer Service & E-Commerce, currently working to put official program in place, but can receive a one-time 20% discount with issued code upon approval.

Vincent Longo – … ation.aspx – MUA discount, no membership fee, check MUA box when you register online & they email you further criteria, 30% discount

Yaby Cosmetics – – MUA discount, no membership fee, go to website and creat a personal account, then email or fax one of the following proofs (call sheet, editorial credits, professional reference letter or union membership card) to or 1-866-404-5999, 20% discount will be applied to your account upon verification.


Most girls probably dream about boys or chocolate or something along those lines. However, for the past few weeks I’ve been exclusively dreaming about Yaby eyeshadow palettes.

Yaby was made by Canadian Make up artist Liz Yu, make up made for artists by artists.  Not only was it made to reduce the ridiculous amount of makeup containers ending up in our landfills every year, it was created for the easy diy palettes and to lighten the load of your make up kit.

The eyeshadows, which I’ve been drooling over for months (and will continue drooling over until my birthday) are highly pigmented and come in every color you could want.  You can buy premade palettes of 40 starting at 110$ for the basic eyeshadows which come in neturals and brights, or a mixed palette of pearl paints and basic eyeshadows for 120$, or the pearl paint palette which gives you every pearl paint there is for 136$.

If thats too pricey for you,  you can buy an empty eyeshadow palette for around 18$ and start adding to your collection slowly, each basic eyeshadow costs 2.75$ and  pearl paints cost 3.55$ they both come in refill pans of 15.55 mm in diameter.

Everywhere I look Yaby is getting outstanding reviews from esteemed make up artists.  Highly pigmented eye shadows, revolutionary creamy powder pearl paints, at affordable prices.

You will have to wait until october for my review on these guys, but prepare for me to rave like a lunatic for weeks after I recieve them.

Benefit Cosmetics: Beauty To Go Bestsellers

I ordered this product, or rather this benefit product sampler from the sephora website a little over a month ago.  It cost just 10 $ plus shipping. The shipping time was the worst I have ever experienced!  It took just under three weeks to get my products (I also ordered a sephora palette.)


At first I thought the samplers were super tiny until I realized all benefit products are pretty small to begin with.  To give you an Idea both the normal size posie tint and the sampler are both less then half an ounce, and the normal That gal primer is only about .11 ounces more then the sampler.


I had never tried benefit cosmetics before but I am SUPER impressed!


That Gal primer: I was most excited for and least impressed with this, I have pretty good skin and frankly this made no difference over or under foundation. It also made my face feel a little sticky and I dont usually even wear foundation or anything so it was just too much.


However I have been told that for people who have blotchier or more red in
their skin this will do wonders as it just evens and smooths it all right out.


Posietint: I really adore this for my cheeks it gives me such a natural glow I cant believe it. I’ve never tried the original version benetint but I don’t think I will like it as much because its darker. However if you have darker skin it might show up alot better. Either way I  don’t like it for my lips its just a bit too pink and makes my lips look more dry.


Highbeam: This product is great, I use it every day in my makeup routine now, the highlight just completes every makeup look I will def be buying again. The applicator in the sample is a spongey brush, but its usually like a nail polish brush.  It’s made to dot around the outside of your eyes in a half moon starting from above your cheekbone. You then blend it in and it just wakes up your whole face and makes you look flawless. 


Some Kinda Gorgeous: The best for last. I can’t believe I existed without this product until now! Its pretty sheer coverage but it just makes my skin dewy and even and gorgeous. It’s sort of a cross between a tinted moisturizer and a cream foundation, If you have bad skin you might want to look to something with a bit more coverage, or even wear this over top your foundation so you get the coverage and the dewy skin.
Frankly I love this, I get compliments constantly. I want to buy this in bulk for fear that they will one day discontinue it. 


Buying this was worth it just to try the foundation faker and the highbeam highlighter!  If you haven’t tried benefit before and are interested in doing so, head on over to, they also have a benefit stay put set I’m aching to try.


If you have anything else to say about these products leave a comment.


Have you guys heard about Eyes.Lips.Face?

I’ve been researching this company for about a week reading tons of reviews and scouring the website constantly.  It’s a make up company that claims to be quite high quality for extremely low prices (1$ per product!)

“We at e.l.f. believe that innovative technology, quality ingredients and superb delivery systems should not be limited to prestige retailers. Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget.”

Okay, I’ll bite!  Next week I’m going to be placing a rather large order of e.l.f products including eyeliners, brushes, primers, plumpers and shadows. 

You will be the first to know what I think.

Review to come!


Just a quick update!

I just heard from John Casablancas and I am 100% in, and starting on July 20th. I’m so excited! Get ready to learn with me and see tons of my work, and my learning process.

Now I only have one problem.. what do I wear my first day!?

Love and Hugs,


The Dinosaur Princess and Failing at Photoshop

I downloaded photoshop today in the hopes that I would be able to spend a few hours and learn to do some basic stuff. How come nobody told me photoshop was so hard? I feel I have completely failed at the internet as I know tons of people who could photoshop with their eyes closed.

I’ll post the photo I was trying to edit, because well It was for you!

I did a photoshoot for a makeup artist in training at Blanche Macdonald a few months back.  It was for her special effects or maybe her prosthetic final. None the less I sat there for 6 hours or so getting horns, and fake ears, and REAL leaves from the garden outside the school glued to my face.

I was airbrushed and actually nodded off at one point(bad bad model).

The Makeup artists name is kristina wood, she is actually exceptionally talented.

Here is one of the photos and a photo of me and the makeup artist

. Enjoy!

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