Life Update

I start school next week, I am scared and nervous to my very bones.  I can feel my body preparing itself for the first week of social anxiety attacks.  Of course I am still thoroughly excited, I cant wait to learn and start working over the next ten months. A few makeup artists I have worked with in the past few weeks have told me I will be a jump, skip and a hop ahead of my classmates.. at first.  They say my teachers will be glad I have some experience in the industry.

One week, One week, One week.

On to makeup, I have recently been trying out and looking for the perfect tinted moisturizer, right now I am trying one by Laura Mercier. One thing I have noticed on my hunt for tinted moisturizers quite a few companies only carry three or four shades which makes it hard for me to find an exact match.  The one I am using right now is a teeny tiny bit to dark, but it is summer and I will tan. I will do a review on it later on.

I did a few shoots this past week and will share some of the photos with you, hopefully I will be doing a shoot this week for a hair salon in gastown, if you are from vancouver mayhaps you will be seeing my face poster sized near the steam clock in the windows of an up and coming salon.

love and hugs,



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