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“MILK” editorial in SugarKiss Magazine

Not long ago I did a shoot with photographer Kim Akrigg , who I have worked with a few times before. She recently relocated to Toronto, and it was great getting to do one final shoot before she moved.

Here are the end results of our collaboration, the model is Darian from Key Model Management, and it was published in SugarKiss Magazine.


Vancouver Spotlight

I’m impressed by talent and art every day of my life. I’m extra lucky to live in a city where if you throw something you will hit 10 someones who are great artists.  But it’s not everyday you find someone as talented and as amazing as the people I am about to discuss.

There is a make up artist in this city whose work has impressed me so much, I find myself spending hours studying it. I’ve sung my praises to the world and of course talked to her about working together several times (it will happen if I ever get my schedule in order *Crosses Fingers*) Dina Koop is the  make up artist I am raving about, her passion for her work shines out of every face she touches and every photoshoot she does.

What is a great make up artist without a talented photographer to collaborate with and showcase the work?  I’m glad that photographers like this exist in the world.  Ryan Doco Connors has shot  everyone from experienced models to people in the villages of Japan to the girl next door in his very own backyard, and made every one of them look extraordinary and beautiful.  His work can be anything from soft and mysterious to striking, dark and filled with emotion.

Last but certainly not least Kelsey Harker.  How can I begin to describe Kelsey? Modeling is more than being extraordinarily beautiful (which she most definitely is) it’s about knowing how to move, knowing how your body looks best, knowing what facial expressions and what lighting will convey certain moods. Kelsey is nothing short of a living work of art.

But what happens when all three of these talented people get together?  Apart from me being super thankful?

Check it out for yourself!

* To check out each of the above individually Click Their Names*

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