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Fall Looks, and Trends, and Colors oh my!

Yesterday I was finally forced to turn the heat on, so I guess its time I admit defeat.. fall is here.

Apart from the sunshine , the warmth, the shorts, the bonfires, and the bronzer being gone, fall is one of my favorite seasons. Fall gives us an excuse to rock out plum and orange lipsticks (not that I need an excuse) and it gives us a chance to buy some fantastic new clothing items, this year I bought pleather skinnies.

This year fall 2011 matte is everywhere,  matte complexions and matte lips. Thank god for all the new formulations and lip products out there, if I see even one chalky dry lip this year I will smack the girl before promptly taking her shopping to show her some better choices.  My favorite is the satin matte lip you get with the OCC Lip Tars dry down. For the fall I really like the colors plum and stalker.

**FAIR WARNING, if you forget to exfoliate prior to ANY matte, demi- matte, satin-matte finish lip product you will suffer grave and dire flakey lip consequences.  **

I am a huge fan of plum cheeks for fall, but some times find them hard to wear as I am a very fair NC15. I am going to share with you my secret for perfect plummy peach cheeks every time.  Doing this gives you a bit of a contour and really make your face look beautiful, and its easy as anything.

I always use cream blush, I find it easier to work with as well as more natural looking. Start with a peachy/pink colored cream blush on the apple of your cheeks (a good one is urban decay glide on cheek tint in score), blend out and upward, until it is a natural color.  Now take a plum cream blush, (a few good ones are urban decay glide on cheek tint in greedy, or a more affordable one is maybelline dream matte mousse cloud wine) and starting on the top of your cheek bone blend the color down into the apples of your cheeks, it should be a well blended gradient from dark to light.

For that matte face that is so popular right now, powder it with some translucent powder.

I will be doing a post later today on a fall look using this technique!

For eyes, the cat eye liner is still going strong.  Has the cat eye ever gone out of style? This year you can stick to the normal, just do thick liner without much of  cat eye, or go the way that a lot of runways have gone, the weird geometric eyeliner.

This is very popular, but not for the faint of heart. I for one will not be partaking in this trend for an every day look, some of my models may not be so lucky!

If you are interested in getting this look but just don’t have the time, or the talent dior has created “backstage eyeliners-to-wear multi-wear adhesive eyeliner patches” say that three times fast! These are similar to those gimmicky lip tattoos that give you interesting designs. They are pretty expensive (59$ CAD for 1 sheet of 4?!!!) but for a special event might be worth it.

There are just a few trends, and a tip to get you through the next few weeks before it gets really cold and the icicles start forming.

I will get into hair color trends another time, right now I have to go drink hot chocolate and huddle next to my heater.

What do you think of the fall makeup trends this year!?

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