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Chi Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze

Review time!  The other day I went to see the twilight saga: Eclipse (team Jacob woo) and stopped in at the winners next to the theatre to browse.. of course i b-lined for the hair, skin, beauty section and found/bought Chi volume booster liquid bodifying glaze, Big Sexy hair conditioner and a Vidal Sassoon 1″ curling iron for fine hair. Yay loot!  I was especially excited to try the CHI volume booster because I have used the chi silk infusion before and it worked wonders! That’s another story though ..


I am a volume junkie! I crave volume and will buy anything that promises me sky-high volume, body and thickness.  I have fine hair but I have LOTS of it so it all just kind hangs there though it is naturally wavy curly. The Chi volume booster bottle states that it “will provide ultimate volume, body and thickness to the hair,” lets just see about that. 

I’ve used this product about three times now, the first thing I noticed and must mention is the insane smell.  It smells so good, really manly like cologne. At first when I used this product I put way to much on, my hair was crunchy and dry and not very big at all.  The second and third time I used a few sprays and brushed it through my hair to cover it all focusing on the crown and blow dried upside down (I always blow dry upside down). It definitely made my hair feel thicker, though once again it was very drying, it didn’t however give me the ultimate volume I was expecting.

I must mention this product is a spray I have always used mousses for my volume, and not even mousses in volume product lines, any mousse will generally work.   If you are looking for high big gorgeous hair with lots of crown volume (girls with square faces like me crown volume is KEY) I would suggest a mousse.  Right now I use Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse which funnily enough makes my hair stick straight but gives it insane volume.. and smells like violets which is the main reason I use it. 

However, if you are just looking for thicker hair sure I would point you in the direction of the Chi Volume booster, it gives slight volume and thick hair, though invest in a deep conditioner treatment I predict split ends from this product

All in all I give this product a 2/5 it smells really great, makes my hair thicker but doesn’t give me the volume I crave and it promises.

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