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Vampires Don’t Sparkle

A recent glamour shoot I did with photographer Kim Akrigg!

I am a vampire seducing a young man in the 1940’s!  The male model was the same height as me which translates to 4 inch shorter in heels.  The whole time I was crouching down and laughing my butt off.


In the beginning…

I live in a suburb of Vancouver Bc,  and I am a model with an agency in the city Morrismore models.

I have recently applied to John Casablancas Institute of arts, and am waiting for my final approval, though I was told my chances were damn good.

Welcome to my world!

I plan on keeping everyone or no one updated on the latest and greatest, I’ll post shoots I do, and make up I do, and well everything in between.

Looking forward to hearing any feedback and discussing anything you want. Eventually I’ll be doing tutorials as well, you can learn as I do.

Love and Hugs,


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