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IMATS post #1

As many of you may know I was involved in the Vancouver 2011 Imats last weekend.  I only went on the first day the saturday, and most of my day was spent being a contestant in the beauty/fantasy student competition.

I am planning on doing a big post about it tomorrow or the next day with product reviews/ a haul post detailing the stuff I got in my goody bag (EVE PEARL PALETTES ) and what I bought after It was all over.

As well as my side of the student competition and how it went down / how nervous I was/ What the other contestants were like.

I will however leave you with a quick video that my school did of their and my Imats Experience.

After 1:07, It is all me and the student competition.  Excuse the constant giggling I am camera shy.

My first time blocking out eyebrows…

This was my first time blocking out eyebrows we used spiritgum and wax.  It was much easier then I thought it would be. This is a girl Anjaleigh from my class watch as she transforms from her everyday self to an oriental clara bow reincarnate…. or something

Just wait until I get to body painting, monsters, broken noses.. Still looking for models for special effects!! 😉

John Casablancas FAB Blog

Recently, John Casablanca Institutes FAB (Fashion and Beauty) Blog posted one of my blog posts on there site.  Its good to know that JCI cares as much about Canadian Makeup artists, Recycling and YABY as I do.

You should check it out:

Thanks to Liz Yu for creating such a wonderful line, and thanks to Sarah Murray at the Honey Mustard for spreading the word.

Next I am tackling Lip Tars! I recently got four colors in the mail. Look out f0r reviews and swatches.


This week was my very first week at the prestigious, amazing and gorgeously decorated ( i love love bricks) John Casablancas Institute.  Today was my second day and so far so good,  we get our kits tomorrow and you can for surely expect pictures.  TONS of pictures in fact, for the next ten months.  My teacher is soft and pretty and laughs alot, + she knows her shit as she has been in the business for 20 years.  My class mates are all nice so far and easy to talk to which is a huge plus for me because when I first meet people I might as well be a mime.  I may seem well spoken on here but I stutter, gesture wordlessly and slink as far away from the action as possible for the first little while.

We start actual makeup application on tuesday.  Tomorrow we are doing skin analysis, facials, tones , face shapes and discussing highlighting and brush care some more.  Learning the industry standard way to set up your kit etc.

On another note,  I got my eyes lips face products in the mail today FINALLY!  I havent had time to try them all yet, but I have washed the brushes and checked them out.  To be honest the brush quality isnt great, there are a few brushes I am excited to try, specifically the eyeshadow brush because it comes highly reccomended from liz yu. There are two brushes that I will probably never use, the large powder brush and the blush brush are made from the same bristles,  they have a funny red dye which bled when I washed them, they smell really bad like chemicals, and are rough on my cheeks.

I was actually a little bit mad the shipping took forever, and I didnt get one of the products (the eyelid primer) because it was on backorder.. even though on the site when I ordered it, it really wasnt.  They deducted the price from my bill but that was one of the products I was looking for most.  Expect pictures and reviews shortly on everything however.  Maybe this weekend.

I am quickly running out of places to keep all my makeup, right now I keep most of it in a filing cabinet at my boyfriends house.  However I am addicted and can never have enough, If you are interested in a product or brand or anything and want me to write about it let me know chicas

Much Love



Just a quick update!

I just heard from John Casablancas and I am 100% in, and starting on July 20th. I’m so excited! Get ready to learn with me and see tons of my work, and my learning process.

Now I only have one problem.. what do I wear my first day!?

Love and Hugs,


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