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Lip Plumpers

I got a request from a reader to do a post on lip plumpers!  Before I get started remember if you aren’t getting surgery or lip injections (gross) you can only expect so much. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t suddenly have Angelina Jolie’s killer pout!

Depending on your budget I have a couple of reccomendations that will help your lip plumping situation.

You have heard from everyone and their mother that lip plumpers don’t work, I disagree they do work to an extent.  Lip plumpers work in a number of ways the most common two ways being..

1. ingredients that cause irritation thus bringing blood to the lips


2. tiny spheres of collagen that are dehydrated into the gloss that soak into your lips and balloon up making your lips bigger.

The cheapest way to achieve a plumped lip look is to get anything that is safe to ingest and irritates skin ie. cinnamon, chili, cayenne pepper etc.  rub it on and your lips will be puffy and irritated and plump

A less messy more glamorous way is to buy one of the following lip glosses that work reasonably well

Lip Plumping Magic Wands:  Maybelline XL Lip Plumper, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker, DuWop Lip Venom, Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion XL, City Lips Lip Plumper

The last 3 are especially effective.

If you are doing this for a night out remember if you put a dot of white or a lighter color in the center of your lip it will make it appear bigger. If you are doing this for a photo shoot, get your makeup artist to redraw your lip line, or learn how to yourself (practice makes perfect!!) I’ve had this done before and my lips were crazy huge and luscious, if done right it looks totally real on camera!

There you have it,


Half Price! Half Price! Half Price!

Do you know whats better then products from Eyes Lips Face that are only a dollar? A 50% off discount code!

I am ordering my products from Eyes Lips Face today! I have heard that they always have these crazy discount codes so I snooped around the internet a bit and discovered this one!

50% off lots of up to 15 dollars with the code : WINNERELF
Or 60% off site wide with code: SIXTY
I used the sixty code and got 23 dollars off!

Use it well, I have no Idea when it runs out

*Fun Fact* Liz Yu the creator of Yaby said the Eyes Lips Face basic eyeshadow brush was the Ideal brush for her Eyeshadows*

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