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Photo Update

I finally got some photos back from my huge giant amazing photoshoot!   I know you all want to see them so without further ado here is miquette and sarah and some natural beauty makeup, + a smokey eye + some behind the scenes

This was all done in the kitchen in the basement suite at my moms house!


First BIG photoshoot

Yesterday my kind mother lent me her basement suite and me, a mua I know sam, My friend siobhan hairstylist extrordinaire, 3 photographers and 2 models made magic happen!!!

I have never worked so hard and had so much fun.  Everyone arrived at 10 am and left at 8:30 pm, it was a very long day and totally worth it in every way. The two models miquette and sarah were totally professional and the pictures from what I have seen prove it!   But they were also fun and while we were doing makeup and hair we were chatting and laughing and having a ball!

We did natural beauty, fashion and editorial shots.  I cant wait to get them back and post them for you readers! 

This is basically a pre post before the wonder that will be the next photos I post.

Stay excited

❤ Chelsea

Vampires Don’t Sparkle

A recent glamour shoot I did with photographer Kim Akrigg!

I am a vampire seducing a young man in the 1940’s!  The male model was the same height as me which translates to 4 inch shorter in heels.  The whole time I was crouching down and laughing my butt off.


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