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MUFE Aqua Cream

Today was a very virtuous day for me. My wonderful adorable fantastic boyfriend decided to spoil me, not only did he buy me a bunch (like half of the website) of Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics, he also bought me 2 Lip tars (WOOOOOO) and 2 MUFE aqua creams.

He probably only bought me the aqua creams so he didnt have to spend another hour in sephora with me, but hey I’m not complaining.

I got colors #21 Turquoise (vibrant turquoise shimmer) and #2 Steel (silver gray shimmer).

It’s really hard to do a product review when the only camera I have to use here is an 8 mp that shows NOTHING, the webcam on this laptop is better.. barely. I will try for you though.

The two colors are so completely different its insane, and I dont just mean in color range.

The turquoise is creamy, buildable and GORGEOUS! The perfect turquoise! It has a slight silver shimmer, and is so pigmented I barely had to dip my brush to cover the whole lid. I probly wont use it as an eyeshadow too often unless I am doing a photoshoot it’s just a little too striking to wear out. I will however wear it as an eyeliner alot like right now and tomorrow and the next day.

The steel I’m not as happy with, its not as creamy and is a little darker then I hoped. I find it hard to get on my brush as it just keeps rolling on it itself. I had to actually get a dollop and put it on my lid and then go from there. It’s a true steel again with a slight shimmer. I was hoping for something more silver though it would still be good for my grey smokey eyes I do alot. I’m not sure if I just got a defective one or what, maybe its drying out. I am probably going to go back to sephora in the next few days and exchange it.

Make up forever aqua creams were originally designed for the French Federation of Synchronized Swimming, as a way to create a whole-face look that is totally waterproof. Each shade is designated for either eye cheek, or cheek lip, however the formula is the same so you can mix and match. They would also be great for bases, silica is a main ingredient in these babies and silica absorbs oil and has amazing staying power + these aqua creams are crease proof.

My honest opinion? Totally amazing, expensive but every Make Up For Ever product is pretty pricey. I am dying to get some more neutral colors like the gold #11 and the warm beige #13 for bases! I highly reccomend going to your local sephora and trying them for yourself, the turquoise is a must have in every make up collection.

Edit** I have 2 blurry photos of the turquoiseon my eyelid that I swiped really quick at like 11 o clock last night.. woo blurry swatches for you ❤

Benefit Cosmetics: Beauty To Go Bestsellers

I ordered this product, or rather this benefit product sampler from the sephora website a little over a month ago.  It cost just 10 $ plus shipping. The shipping time was the worst I have ever experienced!  It took just under three weeks to get my products (I also ordered a sephora palette.)


At first I thought the samplers were super tiny until I realized all benefit products are pretty small to begin with.  To give you an Idea both the normal size posie tint and the sampler are both less then half an ounce, and the normal That gal primer is only about .11 ounces more then the sampler.


I had never tried benefit cosmetics before but I am SUPER impressed!


That Gal primer: I was most excited for and least impressed with this, I have pretty good skin and frankly this made no difference over or under foundation. It also made my face feel a little sticky and I dont usually even wear foundation or anything so it was just too much.


However I have been told that for people who have blotchier or more red in
their skin this will do wonders as it just evens and smooths it all right out.


Posietint: I really adore this for my cheeks it gives me such a natural glow I cant believe it. I’ve never tried the original version benetint but I don’t think I will like it as much because its darker. However if you have darker skin it might show up alot better. Either way I  don’t like it for my lips its just a bit too pink and makes my lips look more dry.


Highbeam: This product is great, I use it every day in my makeup routine now, the highlight just completes every makeup look I will def be buying again. The applicator in the sample is a spongey brush, but its usually like a nail polish brush.  It’s made to dot around the outside of your eyes in a half moon starting from above your cheekbone. You then blend it in and it just wakes up your whole face and makes you look flawless. 


Some Kinda Gorgeous: The best for last. I can’t believe I existed without this product until now! Its pretty sheer coverage but it just makes my skin dewy and even and gorgeous. It’s sort of a cross between a tinted moisturizer and a cream foundation, If you have bad skin you might want to look to something with a bit more coverage, or even wear this over top your foundation so you get the coverage and the dewy skin.
Frankly I love this, I get compliments constantly. I want to buy this in bulk for fear that they will one day discontinue it. 


Buying this was worth it just to try the foundation faker and the highbeam highlighter!  If you haven’t tried benefit before and are interested in doing so, head on over to, they also have a benefit stay put set I’m aching to try.


If you have anything else to say about these products leave a comment.

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