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The Dinosaur Princess and Failing at Photoshop

I downloaded photoshop today in the hopes that I would be able to spend a few hours and learn to do some basic stuff. How come nobody told me photoshop was so hard? I feel I have completely failed at the internet as I know tons of people who could photoshop with their eyes closed.

I’ll post the photo I was trying to edit, because well It was for you!

I did a photoshoot for a makeup artist in training at Blanche Macdonald a few months back.  It was for her special effects or maybe her prosthetic final. None the less I sat there for 6 hours or so getting horns, and fake ears, and REAL leaves from the garden outside the school glued to my face.

I was airbrushed and actually nodded off at one point(bad bad model).

The Makeup artists name is kristina wood, she is actually exceptionally talented.

Here is one of the photos and a photo of me and the makeup artist

. Enjoy!

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