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Most girls probably dream about boys or chocolate or something along those lines. However, for the past few weeks I’ve been exclusively dreaming about Yaby eyeshadow palettes.

Yaby was made by Canadian Make up artist Liz Yu, make up made for artists by artists.  Not only was it made to reduce the ridiculous amount of makeup containers ending up in our landfills every year, it was created for the easy diy palettes and to lighten the load of your make up kit.

The eyeshadows, which I’ve been drooling over for months (and will continue drooling over until my birthday) are highly pigmented and come in every color you could want.  You can buy premade palettes of 40 starting at 110$ for the basic eyeshadows which come in neturals and brights, or a mixed palette of pearl paints and basic eyeshadows for 120$, or the pearl paint palette which gives you every pearl paint there is for 136$.

If thats too pricey for you,  you can buy an empty eyeshadow palette for around 18$ and start adding to your collection slowly, each basic eyeshadow costs 2.75$ and  pearl paints cost 3.55$ they both come in refill pans of 15.55 mm in diameter.

Everywhere I look Yaby is getting outstanding reviews from esteemed make up artists.  Highly pigmented eye shadows, revolutionary creamy powder pearl paints, at affordable prices.

You will have to wait until october for my review on these guys, but prepare for me to rave like a lunatic for weeks after I recieve them.

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