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Yaby Palette Review: Dramatically Neutral Palette

Finally the day has come!  That day I promised you months ago, and the day some of you have waited for through my inconsistent blogging and less interesting topics.  The review I have been waiting for as well.

I FINALLY got my Yaby Pearl Paints Palette and my Yaby Dramatically Neutral Palette.  I actually got them a few weeks ago but wanted to use them and make sure I could give a thorough, well thought out review.  I guess I was also a little too excited and couldnt get my thoughts together at first.

In the first lets talk about the dramatically neutral palette.  No matter how many times I have been told yaby is designed to lighten your kit and the shadow palettes are small etc etc,Nothing prepared me for how small.The actual palette  is  a little less then half the size of my 120 palette, the eyeshadows are smaller then a dime. The palette case is  clean and white and has a large mirror finished mixing palette on the back, its meant for mixing first and foremost not for looking in while touching up which is why it is a little warped.

After getting over this initial shock, I began to experiment and play.  I purchased (or rather asked my wonderful bf to purchase for my birthday) the dramatically neutral palette chiefly for the fact, as much fun as bright colors are neutral colors are your staple and you will use them for plenty more then half the work you do.  Remember when I say neutral I definitely don’t mean boring, this yaby palette is packed with gorgeous browns, sparkling bronzes, and some bright shimmering silvers and blues.  The only disappointment for me was the purples, which are quite dark, and very matte.

Now the best part. The shadows are pigmented! Really pigmented, and they show true to color on camera, everything from my dinky digital camera to big professional cameras with lights and all that good studio stuff. I used them on a recent photoshoot for an actresses head shots and they sure looked amazing.  I will post those pictures when I get them so you can see for yourself.

All in all I think it was a worthy buy, if i get the something brights I am pretty sure I would never have to buy another eyeshadow again because with all three yaby palettes I would be covered.  The little buttons of shadow are small, but so pigmented and wonderful I need to use less, plus they arent breaking my back with extra weight in my kit.

I would buy again.

Now for what the public wants:

Swatches and photos

Ps. I am only using the 120 palette for measurement I AM NOT saying the 120 palette and the yaby palette are any way alike or that the 120 palette is anywhere near the quality of the yaby palette.

PPS. Pearl Paints review NEXT

John Casablancas FAB Blog

Recently, John Casablanca Institutes FAB (Fashion and Beauty) Blog posted one of my blog posts on there site.  Its good to know that JCI cares as much about Canadian Makeup artists, Recycling and YABY as I do.

You should check it out:

Thanks to Liz Yu for creating such a wonderful line, and thanks to Sarah Murray at the Honey Mustard for spreading the word.

Next I am tackling Lip Tars! I recently got four colors in the mail. Look out f0r reviews and swatches.

Beauty TIP

For maximum coverage, apply your concealer after your foundation. The foundation acts as a base and will not only conceal better  it will last longer.

If you are looking for a good concealer

I use:

Drugstore Brand – Revlon Colorstay blemish concealer

Professional – Make up for ever HD concealer

Other good brands:

Drugstore – Physicians Formula, Maybelline Age Renewing concealer

Professional – Graftobian Corrector Palette, Yaby Concealer Palette, Ysl Radiant Touch

Half Price! Half Price! Half Price!

Do you know whats better then products from Eyes Lips Face that are only a dollar? A 50% off discount code!

I am ordering my products from Eyes Lips Face today! I have heard that they always have these crazy discount codes so I snooped around the internet a bit and discovered this one!

50% off lots of up to 15 dollars with the code : WINNERELF
Or 60% off site wide with code: SIXTY
I used the sixty code and got 23 dollars off!

Use it well, I have no Idea when it runs out

*Fun Fact* Liz Yu the creator of Yaby said the Eyes Lips Face basic eyeshadow brush was the Ideal brush for her Eyeshadows*


Most girls probably dream about boys or chocolate or something along those lines. However, for the past few weeks I’ve been exclusively dreaming about Yaby eyeshadow palettes.

Yaby was made by Canadian Make up artist Liz Yu, make up made for artists by artists.  Not only was it made to reduce the ridiculous amount of makeup containers ending up in our landfills every year, it was created for the easy diy palettes and to lighten the load of your make up kit.

The eyeshadows, which I’ve been drooling over for months (and will continue drooling over until my birthday) are highly pigmented and come in every color you could want.  You can buy premade palettes of 40 starting at 110$ for the basic eyeshadows which come in neturals and brights, or a mixed palette of pearl paints and basic eyeshadows for 120$, or the pearl paint palette which gives you every pearl paint there is for 136$.

If thats too pricey for you,  you can buy an empty eyeshadow palette for around 18$ and start adding to your collection slowly, each basic eyeshadow costs 2.75$ and  pearl paints cost 3.55$ they both come in refill pans of 15.55 mm in diameter.

Everywhere I look Yaby is getting outstanding reviews from esteemed make up artists.  Highly pigmented eye shadows, revolutionary creamy powder pearl paints, at affordable prices.

You will have to wait until october for my review on these guys, but prepare for me to rave like a lunatic for weeks after I recieve them.

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